Interview With Anthony J James – Group CEO of Innovation and Growth

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In today’s interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Anthony J James – Group CEO of Innovation and Growth of Trinity Consulting Services.

He is one of LinkedIn’s most awarded influencers, recognised as having the 2018 LinkedIn Power Profile – #1 in Marketing & Advertising and 2018 LinkedIn Top Voice (Australia) and Most Influential Agency Voice in Asia Pacific in 2016.

1. Anthony J James, Please tell us about your Career Path, what your Role is at Trinity Consulting Services, and How you bring about Exceptional Results in your Role?

I am the group CEO of Innovation and Growth at Trinity Consulting. A boutique digital and innovation consulting group helping clients find growth and commercializing new innovative solutions.

I started my career as a graphic designer in the film and television industry. I then moved into the corporate world for IBM, CSC, and Fujitsu, focusing on creative digital solutions.

I then moved onto the agency side helping agencies extend beyond the pure advertising offerings and helping compete against the large corporates, who, for many years have been encroaching into their accounts. As Chief innovation officer for DDB Asia Pacific, my role was to commercialize existing solutions and look for new growth opportunities for the agency.

Currently, with Trinity Consulting, we provide the best of both worlds independence from any specific technologies and platforms and helping our clients solve the problems worth solving.

For my complete career path, it’s worth checking out my LinkedIn profile.

To keep up with the latest innovations that I find make sure you follow my profile.

2. Would you like to tell your Unique Skill that you think you have as Group CEO Innovation & Growth at Trinity Consulting Services?

It’s all about being able to see just over the horizon. I’m not a Futurist I don’t look 20 to 30 years into the future as far as new innovation and technology. My skill is to be looking at ideas and concepts that are going to become mainstream within 2 to 3 years. This is where clients need to be focused on. If they are not starting to build and implement solutions using those technologies now then they will be irrelevant.

3. What’s the favorite part of your current role and Why?

The best part of my role is there are no rules. You need to keep your eyes and mind completely open. Imagination and creativity can never be limited or overused. In my role, I get to use these things every day.

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4. As you are one of LinkedIn’s most awarded influencers, recognized as having the 2018 LinkedIn Power Profile – #1 in Marketing & Advertising and 2018 LinkedIn Top Voice (Australia) and Most Influential Agency Voice in the Asia Pacific in 2016.

Would you like to put some light on it?

I’m on it every day by the levels of engagement I received on LinkedIn. The industry recognition is appreciated, and a very privileged position. I believe the real key to this recognition is consistency. If you want to be recognized if you want to be seen then you need to consistently put out your message.

It’s also important to recognize that LinkedIn is not a one-way street. It’s all about engagement – engaging on other’s content with meaningful insightful comments.

Absolutely anybody can do it, it’s just a matter of consistency and focus… and my small tip…combine your engagement and interactions with humility and manners!

So, What is Next for You?

I’m always looking for the next big thing. The new idea. The idea that makes me say…WOW!! This is my excitement this is my passion, and every day is the new next.

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