Influencer Interview with Simon Cocking, Chief Editor at Irish Tech News

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Influencer Interview with Simon Cocking – #1 Ranked Advisor on ICO Holder, Public Speaker at TEDx

In today’s interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Simon Cocking Chief Editor at Irish Tech News, & now also Editor In Chief at Crypto Commonwealth.

Simon Cocking is Chief Editor at Irish Tech News, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT – with over 1.5 million+ unique monthly views and growing. He was the top-ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ for 2018 based on total funds raised & also the #1 ranked advisor on ICO Holder. He is a business mentor and advisor working with over 200 successful companies to date and has been named on many global Twitter influencer lists in the last 12 months.

He is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx, Web Summit, and overseas in Monte Carlo, Pyeonchang, Amsterdam, Dubai, Delhi, Kiev, Singapore, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tbilisi, Riga, Porto, Dublin and Helsinki in the last 12 months. He has been based in Ireland for over 22 years and has cofounded or founded seven successful companies.

1. Tell us about your role and journey. What inspired you to take up the role at Irish Tech News & Crypto Commonwealth?

That’s a long story! As typical for many people these days it has involved several careers, in teaching, founding companies, creating products, all of which then inform your experience and insights when it comes to writing about other people’s stories, innovations, and journeys. Being interested in people always helps too.

Irish Tech News made sense as I was based in Ireland and wanted to learn about Irish innovation and entrepreneurship. Crypto CommonWealth also made sense as it is time to explore these stories too. 2020 will be an exciting time for both publications.

2. Definitely Consistency, Dedication, Hard work matters a lot. Please tell us how you Ranked #16th/Top 200 Global Fintech Influencers on Twitter 2019?

Yes, by aiming to be consistent, thought-provoking, and also by being polite, respectful and interested in other people’s opinions and ideas. Twitter is a fantastic resource and a great way to meet and interact with people. Equally, it is not the place to trash or insult people if you want to have a sustainable presence on it.

3. What Are Some Of The Challenges For You When It Comes To Grow business revenue?

Monetizing media is very much a big challenge for all media outlets in 2020 and beyond. We aim to do so by offering a relevant, large and growing audience for those clients who wish to share their stories and bring more traffic to their products and services. We are reliable, fast and deliver great content, for this reason, we have many happy customers, and our high volume of interesting and thought-provoking stories to ensure that we also deliver good, relevant content.

This then attracts more readers and traffic, which has helped us see an ongoing rise in our audience, year on year for the last eight years. This is not growth hacking, rather doing the right thing, doing it well, and doing it again and again, 16,000 articles later we have an awesome back catalog and a long tail to bring in our readers for a wide range of helpful and informative content.

4. Tell us how your experience as Chief Editor at Irish Tech News enabled you to understand the end-user technology market?

We get to meet, interview and learn from great innovators and thought leaders. It’s the perfect way to get smarter, by asking smarter people than your questions! Its been a great journey, and we have learned lots along the way, and recognize that there is no such thing as a dumb question. If we don’t understand something then we will ask so that our readers can understand it too.

5. So, What is Next for You?

I am writing a book called Fintech for Beginners, growing Irish Tech News’s audience & getting Crypto Common Wealth up and running. Running more stories on interesting and innovative people working to make a difference in fintech, sustainability, and innovative green, clean and sustainable technology.

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Thank you, Simon Cocking! We hope to talk with you again, on Tech Research Online.

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