TechNovus Announced AI-Powered Body Measurement Platform

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TechNovus Ltd, an AI, and VR company has announced an Artificial Intelligence-powered body measurement platform called Mezura AI. The platform allows customers to match their measurements with clothing items on ecommerce websites.

With this platform, the UK-based firm will allow perfectly fitting garments to be sent directly to them. They also believe that measurement technology can serve the fitness market.  

Today, shoppers are deterred from buying online as the size can be hard right. Measure AI will address this issue with the help of a camera in mobile phones and some AI technology to measure the body. The platform will be allowing their perfectly fitted clothes to be delivered directly to them.  

Jamil El-Imad, CEO of TechNovus Ltd, commented: “We believe Mezura AI has the potential to transform the online and offline retail experiences, offering a quasi ‘tailor service’ that allows customers to get an exact fit for clothing within seconds of taking a photo. We also see applications for the health and fitness sectors – allowing gyms for example to scan measurements of members to track progress, or to swiftly assess BMIs for optimum health and fitness plans.”  

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The Mezura AI App allows users to find the best garments for their size with an easy registration and shopping process. Shoppers will also have the option to saved, deleted, and retaken measurements at any time. They can instantly find their international sizes, by selecting the country or automatic location identification.   

Shopper’s measurements will remain private and it will be shared with shoppers only in their Mezura AI App. To preserve the privacy of users, all Wi-Fi and Internet connections will be disabled on the Mezura AI Pod interfaces.  

Retailers will be able to use Mezura AI’s SaaS platform by paying a monthly licensing, installation, and technical support fee.  

By mid-2021, the platform will be available on all iOS and Android devices including mobiles, smartwatches, tablets, and other wearable devices. It will be available for consumers as an integrated module for e-commerce websites.

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