Interview With Chris Davis – Co-Founder at Revcarto

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chris Davis Interview

In today’s interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Chris Davis – Co-Founder at Revcarto.

Chris is an award-winning storyteller, podcaster, and former Disney World cast member who is making wisdom go viral. Chris is a good leader and has a very creative personality. Chris is an extremely committed professional in the search for the best results and solutions for his clients. He knows the actual meaning of marketing and how to digitize marketing tools.

1.Tell us About your Role and Journey. What inspired you to take up the Role at Revcarto?

I began getting into entrepreneurship by way of freelance web design. So I would build websites for people and businesses all around the world and did that for about a year before launching Revcarto. The inspiration came from my Co-founder who reached out to me on Instagram with the idea of starting an agency that I liked.

2. What Are Some of The Challenges for You When It Comes To Growing the Revenue?

Revenue can be hard to grow if you don’t know what channels are bringing you the most already. One of our main issues when we first started was a lack of focus. Once we saw which channel was doing the best, we allocated resources to that channel for it to grow and make us more revenue.

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3. Please Share an Experience of your Journey As a Keynote Speaker?

It’s not easy becoming a keynote speaker for an event, there’s always tons of competition. The key is to find a smaller event with a valuable audience (aka your target audience) and create a presentation that will attract them.

4. What kind of Digital Strategy you Followed led to the Growing of B2B companies?

Our main digital strategy that has been the biggest factor in our clients’ growth has been content marketing by far. Over time, content marketing just separates you from your competitors and builds your direct referrals if done correctly.

5. What Next for you?

The next thing for me is to continue focusing on growing our agency to over $1M in revenue this year and add more members to our team.

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