PromoMii Launches A.I. Powered Software To Streamline Video Editing Processes

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PromoMii, a UK-based startup, recently announced the full release of Nova AI. Nova AI is their A.I.-powered video search and creation tool that allows users to search video content and extensive archives in detail.  

The startup wants to enable its users to instantly find key clips within their footage through this platform.   

The software is a huge success as it allows content to be 100% searchable, speeds up the workflow by 70%, and saves costs up to 90%.   

The platform is already being used globally by multiple broadcasters and media houses including Disney, Nordic Entertainment Group, and SVT.  

Video editing is a slow process, for instance, it takes +3 days and + £500 for an editor to make a 10-second promo video for digital or social media. This is because 90% of their time is spent viewing and finding scenes. 

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This has become a real issue for content creators along with the recent announcements of the TV and film sector facing job cuts. This is a clear indicator of the need to streamline video editing processes.  

PromoMii is revolutionizing the industry at this point with the release of Nova A.I. The platform can suffice as an attractive solution by making video workflows more efficient and cost-effective.   

They are transforming video archives into 100% searchable and usable data. This will increase content output for all digital platforms. In turn, this will result in increased views and subscriptions allowing companies to succeed in the online visibility wars.  

Nova A.I. is powered by the latest technology and allows creators to search anything in their video content within a matter of seconds. Let’s take an example, imagine a Google search for your video content. You will also be able to create templates for searches and clip-making, transcribe audio to text, and get automatic subtitles in 38 languages.  

Most importantly, the platform is user-friendly and anyone creating content can use it, even those that lack any creative experience. 

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