SoftServe Achieves Document AI Expertise in Google Cloud Partner

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A leading digital authority and consulting company, SoftServe and Google Cloud Premier Partner has achieved the Document AI Expertise. They have received this in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. 

The Expertise from the program reinforces SoftServe’s technical experience in using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to reveal crucial insights from text data and documents. Thcompany has also recognized the proficiency of AI and ML for document insights. It increases operational efficiency, inform decision making, and improve customer experience using Google Cloud. 

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“Our AI/ML competencies applied to Document AI customer use cases allow enterprises to efficiently scan, analyze, and understand their documents while reducing the costs of manual data entry and collection,” said Andrew Greene, Associate Vice President, Cloud Partnerships & Alliances at SoftServe 

“We help our customers discover key insights to better understand the value in their documents by simplifying unstructured data using Google Cloud’s optical character recognition (OCR) and Cloud Natural Language technology.” 

Google Cloud’s Document AI Expertise is bestowed on partners demonstrating success. They should be able to leverage a suite of document processing tools including pre-process, digitize (scan), classify, and extract text entities from documents.  

Google Cloud Document AI helps businesses improve operational efficiency by automating the process of extracting information in the form of structured data from unstructured documents. Hence, it makes this information securely accessible and useful to customers. 

This gives businesses the ability to turn document data into actionable insights. They can do this by combining the power of Google Cloud artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to generate insights and drive smarter decisions.  

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