Speakeasy AI Receives Patent for “Speech To Intent”   

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Speakeasy AI, conversational AI solutions, announced then have been officially granted a patent #11,011,160 for their speech to the intent system by the USPTO on May 18, 2021.   

This system was invented by Moshe Villaizan Reyes, Co-Founder, and CTO of Speakeasy AI.   

Speakeasy AI’s new process helps utilize a process that doesn’t rely on transcription alone to empower next-generation automated speech recognition. The result is a solution that understands customers as well as agents in their natural speaking voice.  

It is also aware of contextual elements from a brand’s products and offerings, prior cross-channel interactions, and improvements made by ML data. Other benefits of the concepts outlined in this patent include:  

1. The system provides a higher success rate of automated conversations than other standard systems

2. It provides a free-flowing conversational experience

3. It can adapt the experience to the user and user behaviors

Speakeasy AI’s contact center AI technology and its patented speech to intent solution enable omnichannel conversational experiences that are authentic and reduce friction for customers and agents. They aim to empower enterprises and help them protect and generate revenue from the first contact to resolution.  

Moshe Villaizan Reyes, Co-founder, CTO, and patent-holder, said “We have been waiting for conversational AI to deliver upon the use cases of the contact center’s dreams with our patented speech-to-intent, we’ve put power and control into the hands of our customers and partners. The industry will never be the same.”  

After securing its first patent, the company plans to expand its portfolio to conversational AI and transform the speech recognition industries to change the game in contact center AI. 


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