Social Media Platforms Takes Measure To Fight Against Misinformation Amid U.S. Elections

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Amid elections in the U.S., social media platforms are stepping up to fight misinformation. Among others, Facebook has started a hub that aims to help its users with poll-related resources. On the other hand, Twitter is implementing new and stricter rules to fight against misinformation on early voting and mail-in ballots.

The move by these giants comes as many believe that these online social networks platforms have drawn flak for what has been called a lax approach. By this approach, they provided fake news reports and misinformation campaigns. Many believe these campaigns played a major role in affecting the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

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In the coming times, Twitter will come up with more new policies. It said, “that emphasizes accurate information about all available options to vote, including by mail and early voting.

Jessica Herrera-Flanigan, vice president of Twitter, said “We’re focused on empowering every eligible person to register and vote through partnerships, tools, and new policies.”

Meanwhile, to help users with accurate and easy-to-find information Facebook has launched a Voting Information Center. In a blog, the company said that these centers will be available to everyone and can be reached everywhere. Users will also be able to speak with officials about misinformation surrounding election results.

Next month, Twitter will roll out measures its new tools, policies, and voting resources. Currently, the company is exploring different ways to expand its civic integrity policies to address mischaracterizations of procedures including mail-in voting.


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