Exago BI Adds Support for Google BigQuery With a Major Update

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Today, Exago Inc announced that they have launched a major update to Exago BI, its flagship embedded business intelligence solution. The new update will add additional support for the data warehouse Google BigQuery.  

The company says, “Our end users can now design and consume reports that connect directly to Google BigQuery without complicated setup.”  

Exago BI’s new version 2021.1.8 expands existing support to store and analyze large amounts of data for cloud-hosted data warehouses.   

Now, the clients that are looking to process and house huge amounts of records will be able to choose between Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake for their warehousing needs.  

“Exago being able to connect to BigQuery means that our end users can now design and consume reports that connect directly to that warehouse without complicated setup,” says VP Development Peter Fernandes. “This is especially valuable to companies who are already using BigQuery.”  

Stew Meyers, Exago co-founder, and CTO say that the data warehouses will play a crucial role in the data preparation of big businesses. It will also allow them to optimize their records for business purposes.   

“Warehoused data is easier for business intelligence end-users to navigate and results in more efficient querying,” he adds.  

Today, Google BigQuery in itself is a low-cost, highly scalable alternative to traditional cloud-hosting databases. Some features include artificial intelligence integrations, built-in machine learning natural language processing, and the ability to analyze exabytes of data at an exceptional speed. 

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