TweetDeck Down After Tweet Restrictions Leave Users Stranded

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Days, after Twitter put a limit to how many tweets its users can read due to the platform’s extended outage. This outage is hindering users’ ability to track new posts. TweetDeck users are complaining about the notification and columns failing to load. 

For a lot of social media professionals, TweetDeck is vital. One of the few Twitter clients that don’t display promotional tweets, which have increased in frequency over the past several weeks. Also, it enables you to watch the activity across multiple accounts simultaneously. 

Twitter’s Daily Tweet Reading Limits and Problems Faced by TweetDeck Users 

For verified users, Twitter initially imposed read limits of 6,000 posts per day, and for unverified users, 600 posts per day. In the following hours, these limits were extended to 10,000 and 1,000 tweets. The consequences of the read limits are probably enhanced by TweetDeck given that several tweets are loaded up through various columns at once. 

Many users have also reported that while their location timeline is loading, there are problems with the alerts, mentions, and likes columns. Even though very few users have reported going over the rate limit throughout the weekend, not everything has returned to normal. The Twitter software TweetDeck, which is utilized by many business users of the social network, seems to have taken a hit.

Since the read limit was implemented, many people using TweetDeck have discovered that columns holding mentions, likes, or other information are left blank. The following can be seen in the image below.

TweetDeck Loading IssueSource: TweetDeck

What’s Causing the Issue and How Is It Being Solved? 

Since TweetDeck can display dozens of tweets at once with numerous timelines updating in real-time, it probably puts more strain on Twitter’s servers than the standard Twitter apps, which may be one of the reasons why Twitter decided to disable some features of the program. 

Twitter has implemented regularization for non-logging in tweets to prevent data scraping for AI models. This, according to Musk, is just a temporary safety measure. TweetDeck displays timelines chronologically, making it easier to stay updated on breaking news events. 



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