Legacy Blue Ticks Return for Certain Verified Profiles As The Twitter Drama Continues

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Verified profiles got the legacy Twitter blue ticks back today, after losing them on 20th April. And, this isn’t just about Lebron, Shatner, and King as Elon Musk, the Twitter Boss himself replied in a tweet by @PopBase.

Famous profiles like Lil Nas X and Neil Gaiman have also mysteriously gotten their blue ticks back. 

The Story So Far – Legacy Blue Ticks Disappear From Verified Profiles

After Twitter announced on 12th April, that users will now have to pay for the privilege of having a blue tick, they realized this change on the 20th. 

We’ve covered this story here: Verified Profiles Lose Legacy Blue Ticks on Twitter

Let’s go a little further back.

Twitter’s verification process previously depended on factors like account completeness, public interest, and active maintenance. 

As a more profitable change, the company wanted to introduce a subscription model.

Twitter suspended the Twitter Blue program in 2017 over concerns that it was an endorsement rather than an authentication tool. 

But, it relaunched the program in November 2021 with transparent guidelines.  

Even the Long Dead Profiles Are Getting the Blue Ticks Back

Twitter’s verified blue tick has been appearing on the profiles of public figures who are long dead. Even though these accounts have been inactive for years, their profiles still show the message that they have subscribed to Twitter Blue and verified their phone number.  
Legacy Blue Ticks Return for Certain Verified Profiles As The Twitter Drama Continues
This strange development is due to Twitter’s decision to restore the verification badge of all Twitter users who have over 1 million followers on the platform  

The verification intends to distinguish authentic accounts from fake ones. But, this recent change seems to blur the line between the living and dead users.

Here’s What Some of the Re-Verified Profiles Have to Say About It All

There are a lot of profiles who got the tick back who’ve tweeted their thoughts about the fiasco.

Celebrities like Lil Nas X, Neil Gaiman, Riyadh Mahrez, Janel Parrish Long, and many more have tried to clarify their stance. 

Mostly against Twitter’s constant changes and saving their reputation by denying the subscription to Twitter Blue.

What’s Ahead for Twitter  

It remains unclear how Twitter is selecting which accounts to verify. 

We’re still not sure whether Twitter will live up to its threat of removing blue ticks for people who have not subscribed to Twitter Blue. 

As for the re-verified dead profiles, we don’t know if it was just a side effect or an overworked employee. 

But, we know for sure that Elon will do something unexpected in this chaos.

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