Fight of the Decade! Mark Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk “A Cage Fight”

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For two of the most influential billionaires in the tech sector, business rivalry appears to be insufficient. Now, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg claim that they want a cage battle to settle their differences. 

After Elon Musk recently stated that he would be “up for a cage fight” with Zuckerberg, the Meta CEO responded by screenshotting Musk’s tweet and captioning it “send me location. 

It was established that Zuckerberg’s Instagram post was not a prank. Which means the ball is now in Musk’s court. “The story speaks for itself,” Iska Saric, a Meta representative, said. 

elon musk vs mark zuckerbergcage fightSource: Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram Story Screenshot


Musk responded with two words after this story was published: “Vegas Octagon.” Then he tweeted, “I have this great move that I call ‘The Walrus,’ where I just lie on top of my opponent and do nothing.” 

History Behind the Whole Controversy

They got into a highly public argument in 2017 on the direction of artificial intelligence. Musk had already issued numerous cautionary statements about the risks posed by AI, calling it a potential existential threat to the human species. On the other hand, Zuckerberg adopted a considerably more upbeat attitude. 

At the time, he was labeled as a “pretty irresponsible” “naysayer” who drew “doomsday scenarios” during a Facebook Live show. 

Shortly after, Musk tweeted in response, saying: “I’ve spoken with Mark about this. His knowledge of the topic is rather limited. 

Who Stands a Chance to Win?

Musk versus Zuckerberg would be the epitome of tech billionaire CEOs literally battling. Musk, 51, has the physical advantage over Zuckerberg, and he has spoken about becoming involved in “real hard-core street fights” while growing up in South Africa. 

However, 39-year-old wannabe MMA fighter, Mark Zuckerberg has already triumphed in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. He also claims to have just finished the grueling “Murph Challenge” workout in under 40 minutes. 

Elon Musk has received support from Andrew Tate in the war of the social media titans. Tate has offered to train the controversial owner of Twitter as he prepares for the Cage Match. 

Source: Andrew Tate Twitter Post’s Screenshot

Having said that, this “fight” between two of the richest men in the world is obviously not going to happen, as much as I would like to see either man get punched in the face for several of their well-documented unethical faults and troubles, they’ve brought to so many others. It’s all simply a clumsy technique for them to act petty online and get attention, which, given that everyone is talking about it and that I just finished typing this, must have worked. 

Regardless of who wins, I believe we can all agree that a Musk-vs-Zuckerberg fight would be one of the most exciting ever. It has to happen. Musk doesn’t back down now. 

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