Twitter To Bring Encrypted DMs and a Wide Range of Emoji Reactions

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Is Twitter redemption on the cards with new features? The controversial social media platform plans to introduce end-to-end encryption(Encrypted DMs) for direct messages and an array of emoji reactions. 

Twitter also plans to introduce Voice calling features to diversify the platform further. Let’s break it down.

Twitter Encrypted DMs V1.0 

In a significant move towards strengthening user privacy, Twitter has announced the release of its first version of encrypted direct messages (DMs). Starting today, this highly anticipated feature aims to provide users with an added layer of security and confidentiality for their private conversations on the platform. 

Not only that, but Twitter users can also now engage in threaded conversations by simply selecting a specific message and clicking on the “DM” option. This action opens a private conversation window where they can compose a direct message. 

Twitter To Bring Encrypted DMs and a Wide Range of Emoji Reactions

Using a Wide Range of Emojis

In addition to the encrypted version of DM’s, Twitter also announced emoji reactions. They’ll allow users to choose from a wide array of emojis to react to conversations. This new feature will let users express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions in a more vibrant and personalized way. 

To use this feature, users can simply hover over a specific message and click on the emoji button that appears. They are then presented with a diverse selection of emojis, including smileys, animals, food, objects, and more. This extensive range of options enables users to find the perfect emoji that precisely represents their sentiment. 

Twitter To Bring Encrypted DMs and a Wide Range of Emoji Reactions

Voice Calling Feature

According to Musk’s latest tweet, Twitter is soon going to introduce a voice-calling feature. The idea behind this feature is to talk to people anywhere in the world without giving them your phone number. 

There’s not too much to uncover for this feature, but we’re sure we’ll get some updates on it soon. 


Adding new features is a step in the right direction for Twitter amongst Elon Musk and the company’s reputation going downhill

Would you still stick around Twitter with these new features? Or are you anticipating a public release of Jack Dorsey’s Twitter alternative BlueSky?

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