After Twitter, Elon Renames TweetDeck as “XPro”

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It’s been a few days since Elon Musk announced that Twitter is now “X”. Elon even changed the logo of the Social media platform which was widely loved. Now the billionaire has renamed TweetDeck to XPro. It’s been a rollercoaster week for the company, to say the least.

Instead of using the @TweetDeck handle for the product, the business has switched to @Pro. However, “Twitter” and “TweetDeck” references may still be seen throughout the program, including on the help page.

TweetDeck rebranded as XPro

He had also stated at the time that XPro would include “a wide range of psy op plugins.” It’s still a secret what kind of plugins will be there, and what their functionality will be.

It’s been a month since Twitter put a limit to how many tweets its users can read due to the platform’s extended outage. The outage caused hinderance to users’ ability to track new posts. In the incident, TweetDeck users complained about the notification and columns failing to load. There was a series of events that took place when Elon took ownership of X, formerly known as Twitter.

The last announcement was made on July 4. So, we can assume, X will make XPro/TweetDeck a paid-only feature in the next few days.

What is TweetDeck?

TweetDeck is vital, For many social media professionals. It enables you to watch the activity across multiple accounts simultaneously. It can display dozens of tweets at once, with numerous timelines updating in real time. TweetDeck makes it simpler to remain up to date on breaking news events by displaying timelines in a chronological order.

Problems with “X” Rebranding

Elon & Company is facing hardship after rebranding Twitter with “X”. The company acquired the @X handle from the prior owner without paying compensation or giving notice. Additionally, it appears that Apple made an exemption for the social network business to allow it to name its app with just one character. Usually, the iPhone manufacturer forbids developers from naming their apps with just one character in the App Store. The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection received complaints about the flashing ‘X’ sign from the Musk-owned company over the weekend and requested that it be taken down from its office building.

It’s been a tough outing for “X” since its rebranding. Will they tackle all the obstacles and regain supremacy on Social Media platforms? Let’s just wait and see how the drama unfolds.

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