Tiktok’s Family Pairing Tool Now Allows Parents to Customize the Content Their Teens See

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TikTok’s introduction has introduced plenty of unique features for a great user experience. From then to now the app has evolved in many different ways. The latest addition by TikTok is a content filtering feature to its Family Pairing service. The family pairing service enables parents to link their accounts to that of their children to enable content and privacy settings. Users can use content filtering to exclude videos with words or hashtags from their For You or Following feeds. 

TikTok claims that introducing content filtering to Family Pairing will let parents lessen the possibility of their children viewing content they may uniquely find jarring. The feature has been under development since March. 

Getting the TikTok Family Pairing Tool Right

The platform sought advice from specialists, including the Family Online Safety Institute. This was done to ensure the best practices to modify this tool for family pairing and select the best experience for their needs. And, they had to consider respecting children’s rights to participate in the online world. As a result, kids have access by default to the keywords that their carer approves of. 

The keywords that parents enter will add a personalized layer to TikTok’s Content Levels system. It helps to prevent content with more mature or complicated subjects from reaching audiences aged 13-17. 

In addition, the business today said that it will establish a global Youth Council later this year. The purpose of the council is to listen to the experiences of those who directly use the platform. They also plan to be better equipped to implement adjustments to give a safe experience for the users

TikTok’s Efforts to Reduce Negative Usage – Conclusion

In March, TikTok enhanced Family Pairing with more parental restrictions. They added new default settings for teen users by upgrading the screen time controls with more custom options. The software set every teen’s daily screen usage to 60 minutes by default as a result of these modifications. Teenagers who scroll past this point are required to input a passcode to continue. 

In a congressional hearing, before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew was questioned about the tool’s inefficiency shortly after announcing this adjustment. The executive was compelled to acknowledge that the business lacked information on how many teenagers were watching past the predetermined time limitations. Today, TikTok showed that approximately three-quarters of teenagers opt to maintain the cap. 

More than 850,000 teenagers and their families, according to TikTok, use Family Pairing to set parental controls and preferences depending on their particular needs. This feature will definitely help Parents in monitoring their usage and the content that their child is viewing. 


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