Deepmind Believes That ChatGPT Will Be Tested by Its Upcoming Chatbot

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Since its inception, ChatGPT has grabbed everybody’s attention and it is widely used. However, DeepMind, a Google-owned research group, believes that its next huge language model will rival – if not outperform – OpenAI’s.

Gemini, a chatbot that competes with ChatGPT, was developed by DeepMind. It uses the same AI concepts as AlphaGo, the company’s AI system that became the first to outplay a skilled human player in the board game Go. 

Gemini Capabilities 

Gemini combines reinforcement learning and natural language processing to outperform ChatGPT.  And according to DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, Gemini will be able to plan, solve issues, and analyze text if all goes as planned. 

Hassabis claims that “Gemini at a high level, can be thought of as combining some of the strengths of AlphaGo-type systems with the incredible language capabilities of the large models. We also have some fresh developments that will be rather fascinating”. 

“Gemini is supposed to develop new skills such as planning and problem-solving. We also have some innovations that are going to be pretty interesting,”. Hassabis Adds Up, Gemini is still being developed and will take several months, hundreds of millions of funds may be needed.  

Wired’s Will Knight suggests Gemini uses reinforcement learning for challenging language models in Google’s I/O developer conference. Reinforcement learning instructs AI systems to display specific behaviors by rewarding or punishing undesirable ones. 

It’s crucial to remember that DeepMind has tested language models before Gemini. Last year, the company launched Sparrow. A chatbot it claimed had a lower propensity than previous language models to answer user queries in an unsafe or inappropriate way. Hassabis told Time in January that plans to release Sparrow for a private beta. At some point this year are still on track, but it’s unclear if they are. 

However, Gemini appears to be DeepMind’s most ambitious space project to date, if early reports are to be believed. According to a March article in The Information, Jeff Dean, Google’s most senior AI research officer, has a direct role in Gemini, which was inspired by Bard. Google’s chatbot project fell behind ChatGPT. Bard was Google’s attempt to develop a chatbot. 

The Field of AI is getting crowded with different players coming into the AI space with each passing day. But, as of now, ChatGPT remains the go-to AI tool for users. But it’s worth seeing whether DeepMind can disrupt the market. 

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