Safe Tracking with Apple and Google Join Efforts To Develop an Industry Specification That Combats Privacy Concerns

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Online privacy has become a critical issue for consumers in recent years with data collection and tracking as growing concerns. Tech giants Apple and Google respond by taking the lead in developing an industry specification to set privacy standards. This will also address the misuse of Bluetooth tracking devices for unwanted tracking.

Apple and Google were already collaborating on this project for over a year. Now, they’re inviting other companies to join in the effort. Both companies have said that the new specification will build on the existing privacy features in their respective operating systems. They will also provide greater protection for users than they did before.

More About the Apple and Google Industry Specification

The new specification will provide consumers with more transparency and control over their data and will help prevent unwanted tracking by third-party companies. The goal is to create standards that can be used by all companies across the industry. These will also work across different platforms and devices.

The initiative has already gained support from various organizations, including Samsung, Tile, Chipolo, eufy Security, and Pebblebee.

The specification is submitted in the form of an Internet-Draft by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). And they are inviting and encouraging other interested parties to give reviews and comments over the next three months. Following the comment period, Apple and Google will release a production implementation guide of the specification. The timeline for that is by the end of 2023. And, the updates will be available in future iOS and Android versions.


With this industry specification, consumers can take a sigh of relief as they’ll finally have some control over their online data. It’s a major step forward in the ongoing battle for privacy, and one that we can all appreciate.

Both Apple and Google have confirmed that the merger will not compromise user privacy. The users will also have full control over their location data.

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