Twitter vs Threads: 7 Key Differences between these Platforms

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Threads VS Twitter is the latest and trending fight between the two tech giants. Interestingly, none of these is ready to back out. Speaking of which, Mark Zuckerberg has had the upper hand till now. The sole reason being, Threads getting a whopping 100 million users in just 5 days. From that point on the fight between the two CEOs has escalated.

Twitter since the Musk takeover has been controversial. First, Twitter itself sued Elon Musk when he backed out of a $44bn Twitter takeover deal. Fast forward now, when Twitter is owned by Elon, he threatens to sue Threads over app infringement.

It’s important to know what the newly launched app Threads has in common with Twitter. To do that, let’s see what Threads by Instagram all is about.

Threads by Instagram – An Overview

Threads, in a nutshell, is a microblogging network comparable to Twitter. And, the tweet-counterparts are referred to as threads, and re-tweets are referred to as reposts. The similarities and unsurprising given the primary purpose of Threads was to compete with Twitter.

You can transfer all of your information and credentials using your existing Instagram accounts. And, you can follow everyone you know on Instagram with a single tap. You can also post threads, images, and videos, as well as engage with all of your followers. It will coexist with Instagram as a text-centric platform.

Threads will also be compatible with open social networks based on Activity Pub, such as Mastodon. Meta aims to integrate it into the metaverse, and this is a great move to complement that.

Thread is a strong attempt to compete with Twitter. Meta has used its experience in producing social media products, as well as its existing distribution of over a billion people, to create a decent app. We’re still working on the app’s first public release, and there’s a lot to improve and look forward to.

Instagram Threads vs Twitter – Comparing Key Features

1. User Interface

The Threads app’s interface is straightforward, with a dark background and text in white and grey in the foreground. A lot is happening on a single thread and there is no light mode either. This is where Twitter has an advantage, thanks to years of improving the microblogging platform.

If we talk about the user interface Twitter has an edge over newly launched Threads. It would be crucial to see how Threads copes up.

Twitter and threads user interface

2. App Layout and Features

The Threads app features five tabs: the home tab, the search tab, the post tab, the activity tab (which contains all of your replies, mentions, and other notifications), and the profile tab.

The home tab displays all threads, including accounts you don’t follow – and it can quickly load up with unwelcome posts. The search tab displays profiles that you can follow.

Twitter and threads apps layout
Twitter has an advantage here because it offers a separate page for ‘For You’ and ‘Following’. Twitter also includes extra features such as Spaces, Community, and Direct Messaging that Trends does not have. And, Threads does not support hashtags.

Another issue with Threads is that there is no separate button on your Profile to verify who you follow. You have a button for checking your followers, which leads to a button for checking your following. We’re also not sure what the design process was. However, there is a separate link beneath your profile to display your Threads and Replies, which we appreciate.

3. Differences in Content Features, Rules, and Character Limit

Threads hit Twitter where it hurts the most – Twitter’s free edition has a 280-character limit, while a Twitter Blue subscription gives you up to 25,000 characters. Post content in Threads is limited to 500 characters. Threads, of course, have no rate limit, and you can browse as much content as you like.

However, there does not appear to be a limit on the number of videos that can be uploaded to Twitter. We recently saw Apple provide a free series premiere via a single Tweet. Threads, on the other hand, has a five-minute video limit.

Threads, like Twitter, allow you to mute and hide words from your feed. On Threads, you may also conceal and block accounts. You can also hide the like count on your Threads and Instagram posts. This is a feature that Twitter lacks.

Threads & Twitter difference in content, features, content rule and character limit
Tweets can be edited with the Twitter Blue membership. This feature is absent from Threads. There is no paid version that allows you to do this either. Twitter Blue can also assist you with the text format, which Threads cannot. Individual Threads can be deleted, but not your Threads account. You’ll have to also erase your Instagram account to do so.

4. Sharing Features on Threads and Twitter

Threads links can be easily shared and cross-posted on Instagram. But unlike Twitter, Threads does not have a direct message capability. Threads also do not allow you to share hashtags.

The repost feature is similar to retweets on Twitter. Both fundamentally serve the same purpose; which is to share content from other accounts on your feed. On both Twitter and Threads, you can quickly post links to information on other social media platforms.

5. Profile Verification

The prized blue tick recently became a paid feature that anyone with Twitter Blue could access, removing its exclusivity. Meta did the same thing and began a paid subscription program for verification. This will grant you Threads verification, as well as a special tab to view notifications from verified accounts.

6. Privacy

Privacy has always been Meta’s weak link, so it’s no surprise that Zuckerberg faced criticism during the Threads launch. It is not available in the EU since it facilitates data and credential transfer from another app (Instagram), which is against EU law. Furthermore, a simple check of App Store data shows that Threads accesses more items on your phone than Twitter.

Furthermore, Twitter has greater privacy features, particularly in terms of content blocking and limits.

You may safely log in to Threads if you have two-factor authentication enabled on Instagram. Twitter supports two-factor authentication as well, but SMS-based 2FA is available exclusively with Twitter Blue.

Also, there is currently no advertising on Threads. We’re sure they’ll start appearing in the next few days, and it’s unlikely we’ll be able to block or minimize them. Twitter Blue allows you to cut advertisements by up to 50%.

7. Compatibility

Twitter has both Android and iPhone apps, as well as web compatibility. As a result, you can use Twitter on any device. Threads, on the other hand, currently only has iOS and Android apps. Threads cannot be accessed directly on a web browser. We believe, however, that the online app will be accessible soon.

Should You Move to Threads on Instagram

We believe it is too soon to switch from Twitter to Threads. Instead, we recommend that you use both of these platforms. This is because a huge portion of the Instagram audience is now available on Threads, and you don’t want to miss out on your Twitter following as well.

Threads still have a long way to go before it can compete with Twitter as a microblogging platform. Would Meta have a chance if Elon Musk’s acquisition was not heavily criticized, and if all of the restricted features including Twitter Blue were not present?

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