Snapchat Add New Features and is Offering $1 million to Creators with Most Engagement Each Day

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For the first time, Snapchat is copying another app’s features. On Monday, the disappearing-photos app unveiled a new feature that mimics short video feeds from TikTok. It allows users to post content that might go viral. the company plans to give out $1 million per day to users who will start using it.  

Spotlight of Snapchat will provide users a vertical feed of videos that are selected algorithmically and joins Instagram’s Reels as the new copycat to tap into TikTok’s magical formula.  

Snapchat app which is headed by Evan Spiegel, says that the company will $1 million available to users each day who will post the most-watched videos. This is a new way to lure and keep talented creators on its platform.

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According to Snapchat, the size of the payday will depend on the equation that compares the engagement of every popular post based on this, Snapchat will serve the rewards as a form of content moderation which will further encourage good behavior and discourage hate speech and misinformation that are dogging up Facebook and Twitter, reports says.  

In Snapchat’s app, Spotlight will take over the previously known “Shows tab” and make it visible to its more than 250 million active user base 

Unlike other apps, this is a very rare instance where Snapchat has copied a feature from the other apps. In the past, both Facebook and Instagram have copied features pioneered by Snapchat, including disappearing stories and funny face filters. 

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