Snapchat Aims To Take Over TikTok’s User Base With Its New Feature

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Today, Snapchat announced that it will start testing a new feature to take over TikTok. The new feature will allow Snapchat users to set up their Snaps to music which is a little similar to TikTok. It will also allow Snapchat to capitalize on the TikTok audience who is looking for its alternative amid as rising pressure from Trump’s administration to ban Chinese tech companies.

As TikTok users hedged their bets, similar apps including Triller, Byte, Likee, Dubsmash, and others have started gaining popularity. To capitalize on TikTok’s user base, Instagram has also launched a music-powered feature called Reels.

With Snapchat’s new features, users will be able to add music under a robust catalog of music. To feature has been made possible by Snap’s deals with music industry partners, including Warner Chappell, Warner Music Group, and others, which license their music to the Snapchat app for use.

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After receiving new Snaps with music, users can swipe up to view the whole album, song title, and artist name. It can also open a web view to Linkfire which then allows them to listen to the full song on their preferred music streaming platform. This aspect will make Snapchat considerably different from TikTok.

Snapchat says that its music feature which allows fans to form deeper connections with artists. Today, Snapchat’s app reaches more than 90% of all 13 to 24-year-olds in the U.S. which makes it more than Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger combined. It also reaches 75% of 13 to 34-year-olds. However, Snapchat also claims that it reaches more U.S. users than TikTok and Twitter combined.

While commenting on the new feature, a company spokesperson said, “We’re constantly building on our relationships within the music industry, and making sure the entire music ecosystem — artists, labels, songwriters, publishers, and streaming services — are seeing the value in our partnerships.

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