Google Photos Warns Users about Photo Quality As it Pushes for Google One Subscription 

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During its initial launch, Google Photos told us that there is almost no difference between High-Quality photos and Original Quality and the two had “near-identical visual quality”. However, as the company pushed for changes in their storage quality from the past few months, they seem to have changed their point of view.   

Now, Google is asking its users they should upload the Original Quality photos if they want the best quality of photos uploaded rather than High Quality. They are also differentiating them by saying that the latter will bring “irreversible damage” to your photos.  

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The reason behind this “warning” is obvious. Starting from June 1, Google will be taking away the unlimited storage for Google Photos. Meaning that all the uploaded photos, including the smaller Quality version will be counted against your total storage quota. If you are someone who has been using its free version means that you only have 15GB to be used across all.   

So, Google is advising everyone to upload the photos in their Original Quality which will ultimately require more Google storage subscribe.  

 According to Forbes, Google has reportedly emailed its subscribers that uploading in the original quality will “preserve the most detail and let you zoom, in, crop, and print photos with less pixilation”.  

Even though this is true but a few years back, Google was telling uses that even if you upload an image in High Quality it’s identical to the original photos.   

Before, their ultimate goal was to get people to compress their photos and so everyone can access the unlimited storage offer. However, as we’re getting close to the new storage policy, the company’s new goal is to get people to subscribe to Google One plans.  

Google Photo’s users still have a few months left to enjoy their unlimited storage on the app till 1st June. However, then they have to decide whether to use different photo storage or subscribe to Google One.   


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