Melville-Based Erwin Inc. Acquired by California Software Company

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Erwin Inc., a software company based in Melville, was a spin-off by CA Technologies. The company has recently been acquired by Quest Software.  

On Tuesday, Quest software based in California announced the closely held deal in terms of the transaction. While these transitions closed on Dec. 31, they were not disclosed.  

Adam Famularo, Erwin’s Chief Executive, said “the acquisition by Quest, a billion-dollar data security and management company, will introduce new markets to the Long Island company that has been growing revenue at a rate of about 15% a year.”  

“It should turbocharge our business,” he said. “They’re going to bring us into markets that we were never able to play in. You can only take the business so far without a cash injection or strategic partnership.”  

The Melville-based spin-off company was sold by CA Technologies, in 2016, to private equity firm Parallax Capital Partners based in California.  

The company moved its executive offices from Tampa, Florida, to Melville shortly after its acquisition by Parallax. Today, the company has roughly 40 employees on Long Island and close to 390 worldwide. They even have a long-term lease on the Melville property.  

Famularo, Erwin’s CEO, said that he expects the company’s support and development operations to continue in Melville, but that the Erwin name will be folded into the information and systems management business of Quest.  

On the other hand, Patrick Nichols, CEO of Quest Software, said in a statement “Quest and Erwin will continue to deliver database tools aimed at helping companies know their data, alleviating concerns about where and how their data is used.”   

Erwin software will help many companies model their databases and tap information across their network. The company can help even those who have database categories with different labels.  

The company’s primary corporate markets are healthcare services, financial services, and information services. Other than that, its long-term customers include Liberty Mutual Insurance, Union Bank, and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

Quest, the company that acquired Erwin, is a provider of identity verification, cybersecurity, and database management software. Some of its customers including Intel, American Express, and Toyota.

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