Slack Announces 16 Salesforce Integration for Clips Video Tool

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We have heard several news about Slack expanding beyond text-based messaging for some time now. Today, finally at Dreamforce, the Salesforce customer conference, the company announced Clips, a video tool.  

Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, sees Clips as a way to communicate with colleagues during times when a meeting isn’t required. Instead, Clip offers its users an option to know what’s going on in a brief video.  

“Clips are a way to record yourself on your screen. And the idea is that a lot of the meetings shouldn’t require us to be together in real-time,” Butterfield said, at yesterday’s Dreamforce press event. 

The CEO added that these short videos provide more value as you will still understand every point that would have been discussing in a meeting without actually attending it. Besides, the video tool also creates activity for archival purposes via an audit trail. 

“It’s easily shareable with people who weren’t in attendance, but [still] get the update. It’s available in the archive, so you can go back and find the answers to questions you have or trace back the roots of a decision,” he said.  

The company first introduced this idea in October last year, and then announced a customer beta version in March this year, at this point the company hadn’t even named it. 

Butterfield admitted that this tool will force many people to rethink how they work, but he believes that eventually, people will shift towards a more valuable proposition. This is because the tool will free up their employees to meet less and work more. This will drive organizations by trying to incorporate it into their work culture. 

Stack has announced 16 integrations with Salesforce spanning their entire platform including the deal room and swarms, the customer support incident response. They have also included other Salesforce product family tools including Tableau, Mulesoft, and integrations for banking, philanthropy, and life sciences. 

Salesforce bought Slack last year in a deal worth $28 billion. The company continues to build on the platform and product roadmap prior to the acquisition, to build and integrate across the Salesforce platform. 

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