U.S. Government Agencies Will Now Use Artificial Intelligence for Agency Rulebook

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Recently, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) said that they will be using artificial intelligence for eliminating obsolete, outdated, and inconsistent requirements of government regulations across tens of thousands of pages.  

The department of health and human services have used a 2019s pilot project to utilize machine learning algorithms and natural language processing.  

In the test run, they found hundreds of outdated requirements and technical errors in agency rulebooks. This also included numerous requests which were submitted materials by fax.  

OMB said, “all federal agencies are being encouraged to update regulations using AI and several agencies have already agreed to do so.”  

In the past four years, the number of pages has remained at about 185,000 in the Code of Federal Regulations.  

Russell Vought, white House OMB director, said the AI effort would help agencies “update a regulatory code marked by decades of neglect and lack of reform.”  

He also added that under the initiative agencies will use AI technology and other software “to comb through thousands and thousands of regulatory code pages to look for places where code can be updated, reconciled, and general scrubbed of technical mistakes.”  

Participating agencies include the Agriculture Department, the Transportation Department, the Interior Department, and the Labor Department.  

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Besides, the General Services Administration will personally assist agencies to facilitate contracts and identifying technology partners.  

While critics say that Trump’s administration has failed to ensure adequate regulatory safeguards, they have made deregulation a key priority.

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