Allganize Launches New AI Solution to Automates Business Workflows

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Allganize Automation 2.0 enables customers to take full advantage of automating natural language understanding tasks for one complete automation solution 

 Allganize, an industry-leading artificial intelligence solution, helps businesses automate their workflows using natural language processing (NLP). Recently, the company has launched Allganize Automation 2.0, an automation solution that streamlines NLP tasks. 

With its solutions, Allganize aims to help employees in enterprises save time their time by finding answers through smart AI search. Moreover, the AI solution enables customers to resolve their inquiries via a self-service AI support bot. 

Allganize Automation 2.0 was developed to create a sequence of actions to complete NLP tasks to allow their customers to automate and customize their workflows.  

Users can easily select a variety of trigger types through Allganize’s intuitive workflow builder that will begin the workflow. Once the trigger type is set, the user needs to select an action type to instruct the system on which task to automate.  

From now on, businesses will no longer have to have their employees spend hours doing these repetitive tasks manually due to the ability to customize workflows. 

Changsu Lee, CEO and founder of Allganize, says “In insurance and finance industries, many tasks are still heavily manual such as an underwriter’s document comparison and a customer support agent’s analyzing email attachments. “With Allganize’s Automation 2.0, these tasks can be automated end-to-end.” 

Allganize developed Automation 2.0 as they realized that employees still do a significant amount of manual work to ingest data into a knowledge base. This tedious process could be automated and enhanced with text classification and AI workflows. By developing a custom workflow, Allganize classified data in documents and automatically suggest hashtags which, in turn, saved time from manually tagging. 

Allganize AI solutions are innovative and can be utilized across multiple industries to deliver exceptional employee and customer support. The solution can be deployed both on the customer side to resolve support inquiries and on the employee side to automate internal help. 

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