Apple Brings Ease in Reporting Fraudulent apps and Scammers

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Apple is now allowing its users to report scams and fraudulent behavior amid reports revealing a significant percentage of top App Store apps as scammers.   

In the latest App Store update, as part of iOS 15, Apple will let you “report a scam or fraud” for free, paid apps via in-app purchase (IAP), provided you’ve installed the app.   

The company goes even farther than the previous “Report a Problem” feature as detailed by Kosta Eleftheriou and Richard Mazkewich on Twitter. According to them, users will now have an option to signal a scam or a fraud and not just “Report a quality issue,” “Report suspicious activity,” “Request a refund” or “Find my content” as before.   

Besides, users were previously required to make an in-app purchase before highlighting a scam or fraud, but that’s no longer the case.   

For the first time in years, the “Report a problem” feature has returned to individual app listings. Before that, it would send you to a separate website and was located at the bottom of the Games tabs.   

Essentially, the company foreshadowed the changes, in June, when it released the new App Store Review Guidelines. At the time, Apple took several actions and a tougher stance on scams, fraud, and developer misconduct.   

Earlier this year, the Washington Post revealed that the bad apps found on the App Store included VPNs that duped customers into buying bad dating apps, unneeded software, QR readers, and apps these fraudulent apps claimed to be from big brands. According to their estimate, the fraudulent apps may have defrauded users out of $48 million visitors.  

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