Skylum Launches New AI Photo Editor with Luminar AI

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Skylum has announced the launch of a brand-new photo editor with Luminar AI. Over the years, Skylum has made its name with its photo-editing apps such as Luminar and Aurora HDR.  

Their new photo-editor is available as a plug-in for Lightroom and Photos for macOS and a standalone product for Mac and Windows. The app was built from the ground and offers many of the traditional photo-editing features similar to Lightroom.   

However, the main focus of the company was on its new AI-based tools. One of the special focuses is for editing landscapes and portrait shoots.

Skylum has added at least 13 new AI features to the application. Users can utilize these features to improve composition, relight the scenes, add fog and haze, and manipulate bodies of subjects by few sliders.  

Their main idea is to make editing fun and easy for beginners while also giving pros the tools to quickly get the results.  

Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum, said “Our approach to AI lines up with that of the best minds in the field. What differentiates it, however, is our human-centric application of this incredibly powerful technology. In my experience, only 30% of our time is spent being creative.”   

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“Luminar AI uses artificial intelligence to flip those metrics. We created Luminar AI so people can focus on the outcomes and photos, and not worry so much about the editing process.”  

Luminar AI’s marquee feature is its Sky AI allows users to replace the sky to do this, they choose a set of pre-made skies or create a library. There’s also an Augmented Sky AI which lets users add birds and balloons to the sky.   

For more changes, uses can opt for the Sky Enhancer AI that makes their sky pop. For more general editing, the Accent AI tool is useful to adjust contrast, brightness, and color with Structure AI.

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