Amazon Finally Launches its Kindle Vella Story Platform  

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Amazon has finally launched its serialized fiction Kindle Vella store. The new platform will let in-app purchases self-published stories.   

It is a new way for authors to generate revenue and for readers to discover new fiction and a new way from the Kindle Direct Publishing service.  

Vella is not available for Amazon’s Kindle e-readers. Instead, you will only find it on or the Kindle iOS app.   

Initially, the service will be limited to authors based in the US and publish stories in English. Every serialized story will run from about 600 to 5,000 words per episode.  

Also, Amazon will offer the first three for free and you’ll need to pay for “tokens” for the subsequent episodes. The prices will range from $2 for 200 tokens up to $15 for 1,700 tokens.   

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Meanwhile, the authors will receive 50% of the revenue along with bonuses which will be based on engagement.   

Readers will be able to follow stories to be notified of new episodes. The readers will be able to leave likes for the episodes they like and apply a “Fave” for their favorite story of the week.  

They will even get an option to share it on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and others.   

Authors will be able to speak directly to readers at the end of episodes to boost engagement. They can share story insights and behind-the-scenes content.  

Amazon had already opened Vella to authors three months ago. They said that “thousands of authors” have published “tens of thousands of Kindle Vella episodes across dozens of genres and microgenre.”   

In a statement, Audrey Carlan, bestselling author, said “I’ve published close to 30 novels, and I’m enjoying the adventure of writing The Marriage Auction in this new format.”   

If you want to try it out, you can access Vella here 

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