Apple Has Asked Foxconn For Prototypes of Two Foldable iPhone

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According to new rumors surrounding the tech giant, Apple is appearing to be moving along in its development of foldable iPhones. Apparently, the company has asked its Foxconn to create two prototypes of foldable iPhone shells along with displays.  

On Sunday, according to a report by Tom’s Guide, cites in the Taiwanese website United Daily News, “Apple’s two prototypes reflect two very different approaches to foldable phones in the industry.”   

Tom’s Guide states that one of the designs of the iPhone is quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Another design is closer to Microsoft’s Surface Duo, the outlet notes.

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We are still not clear if the tech giant is currently working on two separate fold designs or it is testing out different ideas for the new type of iPhone.  

On Thursday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has added a published patent application which was filed in April of last year. The application is titled “Folding Electronic Devices with Geared Hinges.”  

The abstract reads “An electronic device has a foldable display. The first and second portions of an electronic device housing for the device may be joined using a hinge. A flexible display may overlap the first housing portion and the second housing portion and may bend along a bend axis as the first and second housing portions are rotated relative to each other using the hinge.”   

However, this is not the company’s first patent application related to foldable phones and it won’t be the last. The company has also filed a patent application for a self-healing display and two screens to work seamlessly when close to each other.  

Just because a company has filed patents and rumors are buzzing, it doesn’t mean that there are any of the ideas or designs already done. Some might never get made.   


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