Nvidia Launches Cyberpunk 2077 NVIDIA DLSS with Immersive Graphics and Realistic Visuals

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Nvidia, an American multinational technology company incorporated in Delaware and based in California has launched Cyberpunk 2077 on December 10th, 2020.

So, the company wants to ensure an experience with its most immersive graphics and realistic visuals, by playing on a GeForce RTX system.   

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The Cyberpunk 2077 will come with NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling or DLSS to bring to us better video and image quality through realism, immersion, and ray-traced effects.  

Besides, the new Tensor Cores that the GeForce RTX GPUs have added will help games the frame rates accelerate better and faster. Users as a player will have able to better and smoother gameplay with high levels of detail and ray tracing settings.  

In the all-new Cyberpunk 2077, DLSS frame rates can be accelerated by more than 60% depending on settings, resolution, and system configuration.  

NVIDIA’s DLSS is a groundbreaking rendering technology that is powered by AI and takes visual fidelity to a whole new level. It also uses dedicated Tensor Core AI processors on GeForce RTX™ GPUs.   

To boost frame rates and generate sharp and beautiful images for games, DLSS taps into the power of a deep learning neural network. With this, users will even get the performance headroom to increase output resolution and maximize ray tracing settings.  


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