Google Launches’ New Editor with AI-Suggestions for its Google Photos on Android

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Alphabet’s Google is reportedly rolling out a new editor for Google Photos on android mobiles. Their new update will include granular controls, automatic one-tap suggestions, and a cleaner interface, all powered by machine learning.

Additionally, Google’s new feature will allow users to see the specific edits made and tweak them as per their liking. They have also redesigned their user interface (UI) to draw in more users to directly edit their photos in the app. This will eliminate users’ need to rely on third-party apps.

Google photos with a new update have already begun to roll out on all Android devices.

The company has added a new ‘Suggestions’ tab in the menu which will use machine learning to offer tailored recommendations of specific photo users are editing. They will be able to apply and adjust different settings such as contrast, brightness, and portrait effects.

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Currently, the app is offering familiar suggestions such as Enhance and Colour Pop, but it will be soon adding more suggestions to Pixel phones. This will help the user better edit the specific type of photos such as sunsets, brightness, and portraits to stand out.

Google’s photo app will also have a new layout for its general editing tools which will be easier to scroll through and apply granular edits while they also discoverer new tools.

Recently, the company was spotted giving a new look to Google Photos with a three-tab design and a server-side switch for a simpler experience.

Google has also launched Portrait Light feature for its recently-launched flagship smartphones, Google Pixel 4a (5G) and Google Pixel 5. This feature uses ML to improve the lighting on faces in portraits. Users will also be able to adjust light position and brightness after clicking the photo. This feature will give its users more control over how portraits look.

Besides, users can also add Portrait Light to regular photos that weren’t captured in Portrait Mode. This feature will be available for all Pixel devices very soon.


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