Realworld to Multiplayer Google Earth VR Alternative to its Quest  

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Today, Google Earth VR, available on PC VR, is exploring new things on our fascinating blue planet. However, the company has one major missing feature that is the ability to do so with friends. With Google deciding to abandon many of its VR initiatives, it’s highly unlikely that we will see a new version of Google Earth VR with multiplayer.   

But, luckily, Realworld is aiming to deliver a multi-user immersive map in its PC VR, AR, and Quest devices.  

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Today, Haldun Kececigil, founder of Cubic VR, revealed that a new in-development app called Realworld allows users to immerse themselves and explore the world by leveraging data from Bing Maps.   

In a video, the company has shown the app with hand-tracking, running on Oculus Quest. The app has a multiplayer-first focus that includes its ability to annotate the map, access street view, import 3D models, photography, and so much more.  

The studio behind the app says that they are building Realworld with their primary platform of building a Quest. However, their Quest will be easily supported for mobile AR, PC VR, and head-worn AR is also in the works.  

Haldun Kececigil, the Realworld developer, says that the Road to VR, the app is aiming to support is a cross-platform multiplayer. While the app is still under early development stage, Kececigil expects that it will be a useful tool for planners, designers, architects, developers, and even those who simply want to explore the globe.  

To stay informed of its launch and other announcements, users can visit the Realworld site and sign for their beta testing of the application.  


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