Google Bard Adds New Productivity and Response Features

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Google Bard in its latest update has included 40 more languages and many more. From voice integration to seamless integration from Google services, Google has made sure to include all in its AI chatbot Bard. You can now use Bard in additional languages and nations, customize responses, add images to your prompts, and do a variety of other things.

Bard’s History

Google Bard, a competitor to Open AI’s ChatGPT, was launched on March 21, 2023. Since then, it has been constantly updated by the company. The platform has received an update on boosting the user’s productivity and receiving customized responses. Bard is constantly working on making itself better than its competitors. It has increased its reach by being available in the most widely spoken language.
Let’s have a look at the new features that Google has added to Bard.

More Customized Responses

You may now listen to Bard’s comments starting today. This is very useful if you want to hear how to pronounce a word correctly or listen to a poem or script. To hear Bard’s responses, simply type a prompt and click the sound icon.

Bard’s comments can also be altered in five distinct ways: basic, long, short, professional, or informal. You can use the drop-down to shorten Bard’s response when you request it to write a marketplace listing for an antique armchair. This functionality is currently available in English and will be expanded to other languages shortly.

Boost Your Productivity

After listening to the users, Bard enabled the option to go back and review prompts. When you start a topic, the sidebar now includes options to pin, rename, and pick up recent discussions. For example, if we ask Bard to compare summer sports, it goes back and evaluates its opinion afterward.

Additionally, the use of Bard for coding jobs continues to be popular. So, in addition to Google Colab, Google Bard will be releasing a new feature on the 13th of July. It’ll allow you to export Python code to Replit.

Further in productivity improvements, sharing a portion or all of your Bard talk with your network has been made simpler. You can share your thoughts and projects with others by using shareable links.

A significant element of how we use our imaginations is through images. Google announced at I/O that it will be integrating Google Lens features into Bard. This will allow you to upload photographs with prompts and Bard will analyze the photo to aid you. Whether you want additional information about an image or just need help coming up with a caption. Unlike other features, this is only available in English, and it will be expanded to other languages soon.

Final Word

Technological advancements are happening every single day, new updates are being rolled out each day, new competitors are coming, and whatnot. Each platform is trying hard to be more customer-centric by providing them with the best they can. What do you think about these new updates? Will Google’s Bard be able to capture more market share? We’ll have to wait and see

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