Uber Launches New Campaign to Extends Mask Requirement for Drivers

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On Wednesday, Uber Technologies Inc said they have indefinitely extended the requirement for drivers as well as riders to wear a mask or a face covering, on its platform. They have even launched a new campaign video that aims to educate users about its policies.

While the company started asking drivers and riders to wear masks since May 18, they have extended the policy which was slated to run out by the end of June, on Wednesday.

In an official statement, Uber said “Extending our ‘No Mask, No Ride’ policy is the right thing to do. We want to send a clear message to everyone using Uber that we all have a role to play to keep each other safe.”

Also, the company’s spokesman said that they are not setting an expiration date for the policy. The company intends to continue monitoring the spread of the novel coronavirus and the situation.

The company’s stance comes as the infection rate in the U.S. surges along with the debate over public health measures such as wearing a mask takes on a partisan tone.

For its new campaign, Uber released a video showing drivers and food delivery workers. In the video all, they said that wearing a mask was a way to thank them for their essential services during the lockdown.

Since May when the policy took effect, Uber drivers have needed to take a selfie. This was in order to verify if they are wearing a mask before starting a ride.

In May, the company’s executive said that Uber was looking to develop a similar feature to verify riders’ compliance with the policy. On Wednesday, Uber’s spokesman said that there are still no updates on their rider features; however, the company is continuing to look into the option.

According to the company they have completed detections of some 50 million masks with drivers and delivery people. Since May 18, they have completed more than 100 million ride-hail trips.

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