Apple Inc Announces New Beats Flex Wireless Headphones

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On Tuesday. after the announcement of the iPhone 12 and HomePod mini we barely noticed that Apple Inc also launched new Beats wireless headphones.  

Apple’s new headphones consist of a pair of magnetic earphones. Its battery can last up to 12 hours and should be enough for a normal working day. You can also get 90 minutes of battery life with ten minutes of Fast Fuel charging.  

“The Beats Flex is designed with double acoustic chambers and a proprietary layered driver. This system is said to provide “outstanding stereo separation with the rich and precise bass response” according to Apple’s description.  

One of the most interesting details that Apple released on the Beats Flex is that it is equipped with a W1 chip. This means that they are activated automatically when held near the iPhone or iPad. Besides, playback is automatically paused as soon as you remove them from your ears when listening to music.  

The Beats Flex can be ordered from the Apple Store and cost £49.99/$49.99. They are available in four colors: Flame Blue, Smoke Grey, Beats Black, and Citrus Yellow.  

Apple’s announcement has surprised many given that so many pundits thought that the company was in the process of phasing out the Beats branding.   

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At the start of the week, Apple took down and then restored its Beats web page. Hence, many assumed that this means that it was about to launch the AirPods Studio. They also assumed that they will start to shift their focus from Beats. But it turns out that they were wrong after all.

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