OptumInsight and Change Healthcare Brings IT Enabled Healthcare Platform

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Optum, a diversified health services company, and Change Healthcare, a health care technology leader, have agreed to provide software and data analytics services for advisory and revenue cycle management.   

This offering aims to make healthcare better for everyone. For this, they have combined two technology and service companies focused on healthcare.   

In this venture, the combined capabilities will effectively simplify and connect some of the core administrative, clinical, and payment processes. This will result in better healthcare experiences at a lower cost for everyone.   

Andrew Witty, President of UnitedHealth Group and CEO of Optum, said: “Together we will help streamline and inform the vital clinical, administrative and payment processes on which health care providers and payers depend to serve patients. We’re thrilled to welcome Change Healthcare’s highly skilled team to create a better future for health care.”  

Neil de Crescenzo, President, and CEO of Change Healthcare said” “This opportunity is about advancing connectivity and accelerating innovations and efficiencies essential to a simpler, more intelligent and adaptive health system. We share with Optum a common mission and values and importantly, a sense of urgency to provide our customers and those they serve with the more robust capacities this union makes possible.”    

Some of the key opportunities to enhance the health care system include:  

  • Together the companies will help clinics make informed and advanced decisions that are quicker and easier.  
  • Together the companies will position themselves to make health care more effective and more efficient.   
  • Together the companies will simplify financial interactions among care providers, consumers, and payers to accelerate the modern movement to a more modern one.  

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Howard Lance, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Change Healthcare, said “Change Healthcare has made significant progress executing its strategic objectives, including advancing innovation, accelerating growth and improving the effectiveness of the U.S. health system. We are delighted to have in Optum a partner that shares a common vision of creating a better future for health care for the people and communities we serve and see this combination as in the best interests of all of our stakeholders.”

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