Sony Confirms Popular Streaming Video Apps including Netflix, Disney Plus, and Twitch on the PS5

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Sony has added a whole range of new and exciting features to its PlayStation 5. They have turned it into something more than just a game. They recently confirmed the news that it has brought to you everything from stream movies and TV shows on Netflix to playing music on Spotify.   

Besides, Sony’s next-gen console will also support popular entertainment apps at launch.  

On Thursday, in a blog post, Sony confirmed that on November 12th several popular streaming apps would be available when the PS5 launches. Popular streaming apps include Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Spotify, Hulu, Twitch, and YouTube.  

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The company has also confirmed that the four unmarked buttons located on the PS5 Media Remote will serve as dedicated launch buttons for Netflix, Disney Plus, Spotify, and YouTube.   

On November 12th, the company will launch both the remote and the PS5 console together. However, it is not included with the console and you have to but it separately.   

It is currently available at Target store as a separate $30 purchase. Other retailers you can buy the remote from are Best Buy, Amazon, and GameStop. While they too are selling it, but it’s currently out of stock.  

In just a few weeks, Sony’s next-gen consoles set to arrive and they are showing that its upcoming console is much more than just a video game.   

The all-new four dedicated launch buttons to popular streaming apps and recently unveiled system interface will including a separate home screen for entertainment apps. Till now, Sony has only given us a better glimpse of how PS5 owners will be able to use the hardware.  

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