Google Teams Up with TAITO to Create New Immersive AR for Space Invaders

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As Space Invaders turns 45, TAITO and Google are working together to build a brand-new immersive augmented reality game. In it, you will be able to defend the Earth from your IRL surroundings.

Google has partnered with many Games in the past. But this partnering with Taito for Space Invaders is a special one. Google on its official blog has announced their partnership. The Game will be available on IOS and Android.

Google collaborated with Unit9 and TAITO, the creator of the classic game “SPACE INVADERS,” to use augmented reality (AR) to turn the world into a playground in honor of its 45th anniversary.

How Does It Create the Gaming Experience?

The game’s engine is powered by ARCore and Geospatial API, which uses the player’s immediate surroundings as well as neighboring structures, landscapes, and other architectural features to create fun levels both in the real world with AR and only on the screen with 3D. The realistic gameplay adjusts to the player’s real-world circumstances, including place, time, and weather.

Just like Pokémon GO, the player in this adventure must travel through the city streets to defeat the alien invaders and score points. You can gradually unlock new skills, compete with friends and other gamers, and share the scores on various social networks.

How to Play and Earn Rewards

Players can look around their neighborhoods to find more Space Invaders and destroy them to gain points. They can get unique power-ups, and compete with friends for the highest score nearby. And, they can share their accomplishments on social media with an AR selfie.

The physical and digital worlds coming together changes how people play, learn, and engage with content. Brands and content producers can make their content more approachable and give users a completely new perspective on the world.

Google has just released Geospatial Creator, which enables developers, designers, and animators to quickly create and distribute realistic location-based AR experiences using Unity and Adobe Aero without having to write any code.

So, want to help save the planet? Join the elite Earth defending force by downloading the Space Invaders game for Android and iOS and competing in your neighborhood for the greatest score.

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