Google is Working on an AI Tool ‘Genesis’ for Journalists Rumored

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Google is testing a product(Genesis AI) that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to produce news stories. Now the company is pitching that AI product to the news organization as stated by sources familiar with the matter. News Organizations such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, News Corp are amongst the ones that Google is in contact with.

Genesis is the rumored name of the tool, given by internal people working on it. It can take in information and produce news material (for example, specifics of current events). It was specified by the people on the condition to keep anonymity.

Google believes Genesis could serve as a personal assistant to journalists by saving their time to focus on other important tasks. The company believed it to be a responsible technology that might help lead the publishing industry away from the threats of generative AI.

Some Comments on the Topic

Google spokesperson Jenn Crider said in a statement to the Verge “In partnership with news publishers, especially smaller publishers, we are in the initial stages of exploring ideas to provide A.I.-enabled tools to help their journalists with their work”. She also added these tools aren’t intended to replace the essential role of a journalist in reporting, creating, and fact-checking their articles.

Professor of Journalism and Media Analyst Jeff Jarvis said the new tool from Google has potential benefits and drawbacks as described.

News organizations are still in a dilemma about whether to use AI tools in their newsroom. In a News Organization, where seconds are worth millions there is no chance of errors because their reputation is at stake.

Many publications including The Times, NPR, and Insider, have informed staff members that they are exploring potential applications of AI. In order to determine if it might be wisely applied to the highly charged field of journalism.

Should News Organizations Use AI?

AI enables users to produce content on a larger scale, which, if not carefully reviewed and verified, may disseminate false information and affect how people view stories that have been traditionally published.

While Google has developed and used generative AI at an astounding pace, the technology has also brought significant difficulties for the giants of advertising.

Many prominent A.I. firms, like Google, have come under fire from publishers and other content creators for exploiting decades’ worth of their articles and postings as training data for their systems without paying the authors. NBC News and The Times are two news organizations that have spoken out against AI programs stealing their data without their consent.

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