Google Nest Hub Max Releases App Launcher Much like the Android OS  

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Google has recently announced the release of a new app launcher for the Nest Hub Max smart display. The new app arrays the Actions as icons across the display in rows.

The interface is reminiscent of Android devices. You can be pulled up by swiping from the bottom of the screen.  

Last month, the firmware update first previewed the app launcher as demonstrated on Reddit. Users can pull up the screen from the bottom to show apps in a row and a ‘see all’ button to layout 21 first and third-party apps.   

The native apps include Assistant, Duo, Meet, Games, News, Podcasts, and YouTube, along with YT Music and YT TV. Spotify, Netflix, Pandora, and Zoom also have some buttons on the launcher.   

Much like the Android OS, the launcher augments the smart display and adds to different ways users can open Google Actions.

This will supplement the already existing choices of voice commands and the suggestions cards in the tabs found when its algorithm decides it’s opportune. 

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The launcher will be the latest addition to the different ways users can manage the apps on Google Nest devices. In these devices, the apps don’t have Google in front of ‘Assistant’ which is notable as the company has begun experimenting with voice commands to eliminate the ‘OK Google’ wake.   

Nest smart displays build on the game-focused update unveiled by Google in December for its smart displays to create a menu of icons.

Revamped games included an updated lobby showing off recently launched featured, with recently played and top-ranked games.   

Google Play Store or Apple App Store users found its look quite familiar as the app launcher simulates a smartphone app screen. It appears that the launch is solely for the Nest Hub Max right now, though it should appear on the regular Nest Hub soon. 

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