Google’s New Mobile Apps Deal Weighs Samsung To Drop Bixby

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On Tuesday, reportedly, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is considering dropping Galaxy Apps Store and its virtual assistant, Bixby from its mobile devices. This will be a part of its revenue-sharing deal with Alphabet Inc’s Google.

For years, Google Inc has tried to get the world’s leading mobile device, Samsung to drop its own services. The company has been trying to make the rival to greater prominence to Google’s Assistant, search, and Play Store apps.

Samsung uses Android powers software for its phones which are from the search giant. Many times Samsung and along with dozens of other companies, as an incentive, gives manufacturers a portion of ad revenue. However, Samsung has been putting efforts to promote its own apps despite years of glitches as this will allow them to collect all the revenue.

In recent months, the company has adopted and implemented a news strategy as it faces several challenges due to novel coronavirus pandemic and an economic slowdown in phone upgrades. This has also hurt its sales and prompted other companies to search for new revenue and shut expensive projects.

While there are no exact financial details, but Google has offered much more lucrative terms for Samsung than any previous deals for its retreats from app strategy. In a statement, Samsung said that they are committed to their own services, however, they want to closely work with Google and other partners to offer the best mobile experiences at the same time.

In a statement, Google has said that they are regularly discussing different ways to improve the user experience with partners. They further added that Samsung is free to create its own digital assistant and app store. On Tuesday, Bloomberg was first to report the negotiations of a new deal between companies.

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