Highlights of Announced at Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ Event

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While it’s only been a few weeks since Apple’s last announcement event, but they’re back it again. And this time things are looking even better! 

The last event focused on iPhones and Apple Watches.  

This time around?  

The whole “Unleashed” was about new AirPods, new chips, and new MacBook Pros. 

But we get it if you were busy and couldn’t follow along with the live event? Here’s everything you need to know about. Also, we have boiled it down to bullet points. 

New AirPods 

New AirPods 

First things first, base-level AirPods are getting an upgrade. The new upgrade will feature a new look, the Pro line’s “force sensor” for controlling music/calls, Spatial audio support, and improved water resistance. The upgrade will also improve the device’s battery life, bumping the promised run time on a single charge.

Third-Gen AirPods  

Third-Gen AirPods


Apple announced that they will start shipping third-gen AirPods for $179 beginning next week. 

M1 Pro and M1 Max 

M1 Pro and M1 Max 


This announcement blew minds as the company introduced its own absurdly fast chip. This chip was launched with the M1 in 2020. Now they’ve doubled down and are introducing not one but two new M1 chips: the M1 Pro and M1 Max. 

The company claims that the CPU of M1 Pro is up to 70% faster than the original M1. They also said that it comes with 32GB of unified memory, up to 2x faster GPU, and 200GB/s of memory bandwidth. Meanwhile, the M1 Max bumps the unified memory up to 64GB.  

Both the chips, M1 Pro and M1 Max, support up to 10 CPU cores; the Max supports up to 32-core while the Pro does up to 16-core. 

This simply means that these babies are gonna be really, really fast. 

All-New MacBook Pro 

Well, if you are as excited about the new chips as we are, you will definitely be looking to put those to good use. Apple has solved this problem by introducing new gen of MacBook Pros. MacBook Pro’s contested recent changes which in a rare backpedal from the company are being undone. 


MacBook Pro will be available in two sizes: 14-inch or 16-inch. 

MagSafe is back! But the Touch Bar is gone!  

It will include two ports including an SD card slot and an HDMI port. It will come with 120Hz ProMotion support for smoother scrolling.  

Surprise! Surprise! 

It’s got a camera notch which is one of the most argued-about aspects of this model. This will mean two things: first, that lets them squeeze in a bit more screen, and the second is well a notch. 

They have upgraded the camera to 1080p in low-light, with a promise of doubled performance. The audio system has been overhauled for improved audio fidelity with larger tweeters and woofers. 

Other Stuff: 

We all love Siri but there is still a lot of limitations on what she can and can’t do. But with the upgrade, Apple has taken another step to try and bridge the gap.

From now on, you will be able to ask Siri to play different themed playlists via Apple Music. For instance, you can ask her/him to play from different playlists such as relaxing, dinner parties, or hiking. 

The company is also introducing a new $5 per month “Voice Plan” for Apple Music. Basically, a cheaper plan is for those who are willing to use only Siri for queueing up songs and ditching the interface. 

Lastly, Apple’s HomePod mini will now come in three new colors variants: orange, dark blue, and yellow. 

That’s all from our side. Hope you enjoyed reading and if you did do share your opinions in the comments below.  

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