Google Could Release New Chromecast   

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According to a listing on the FCC’s website, Google is appearing to be working on a new wireless streaming device. The Google listing doesn’t give much information about the device besides Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth. But there’s are a few hints about it that could potentially be an eye-opener.  

The FCC listing highlights that the company’s all-new streaming device will be powered by a 3.65V rechargeable battery besides the information on those types of connectivity. This means that the device will be portable in nature.  

Another crucial thing to note is that the FCC listing confirms that the device is still under short-term confidentiality. The confidentiality will extent until September 24, 2021.   

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Around that time, we might get to see Google’s new wireless streaming device’s full reveal and potentially a launch.   

Even though it remains unclear what Google’s new wireless streaming device will be like just yet, the candidates most like the new models are either for the Google Nest Audio speaker or a follow-up Chromecast device.  

The company also has a track record for launching its new devices around the September window.   

For instance, last year, the company debuted its all-new Chromecast with a Google TV streaming device. The then-new device was the latest model in its Nest Audio lineup and both the Pixel 5G smartphones.  

We’re hoping Google’s unidentified device is a follow-up of Chromecast with Google TV. It has impressed us with its 4K HDR, Dolby Atmos support, built-in Google Assistant, and a healthy selection of apps.   

However, we should not forget about some of the drawbacks the device came with that can be improved in the newer model. For instance, expanding the compatible TVs range, potentially adding support for the Google Stadi, and improving slow startup times.  


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