SoftServe Bags Award for ‘Best Technology Response’ at the GSA Professional Awards 2020

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SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, has successfully bagged the ‘Best Technology Response’ award at the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) UK Professional Awards 2020. They were selected in the Best Corporate Response to COVID-19 category.   

The company was honored for exhibiting excellent strategic sourcing in response to COVID-19. They were recognized for their COVID-19 Bulgaria Chatbot. These chatbots were an innovative pro bono solution designed to reduce the spread of inaccurate information. The bots successfully provided Bulgarian residents with the latest official news, up-to-date statistics, and a recording of the briefings from the National Operational Headquarters (NOH) on the virus in Bulgaria.  

“This recognition highlights the dedication and innovative work SoftServe engineers and development professionals have demonstrated to help solve complex business problems brought on by COVID-19,” said Andon Simeonov, VP, Bulgaria Country Manager at SoftServe.   

“We look forward to leveraging our expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and cloud-based services to create and build more cutting-edge solutions that provide our customers with the tools and technology they need to thrive in today’s ever-changing digital environment.”  

The GSA Professional Awards is a global awards program. The program focuses on recognizing and rewarding innovation in a competitive landscape. It also pioneers practices by service providers, buyers, and advisors in the strategic sourcing industry.   

Submissions at the GSA Professional Awards are judged by a panel of appointed GSA UK Council members and co-opted judges. The awards for the year 2020, featured 19 categories that included new categories focused on corporate and partnership responses to challenges brought on by the pandemic.  

On the other hand, SoftServe reveals, transforms, accelerates, and optimizes the way tech companies do business. Their expertise lies across healthcare, retail, energy, financial services, software, and more. They implement end-to-end solutions to deliver quality, innovation, and speed.  

Their ultimate goal is to empower enterprises and software companies to accelerate solution development, (re)identify differentiation, and compete in today’s digitalized economy.   

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