Nimble Integrates With Microsoft Teams to Streamline Collaboration

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Today, Nimble, the simple CRM for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 teams, announced integration with Microsoft Teams. This integration aims to provide teams with a shared view of every customer, and streamline collaboration.  

Through this integrates platform, business professionals will be able to rely on their favorite communication applications, for instance, Microsoft Teams, to connect them with their customers and teams.   

For Microsoft Teams, Nibble provides a new in-app add-in that enables business professionals to log key details during a meeting, prepare before meetings, and take follow-ups after meetings.  

Nimble believes that your CRMs need to work with and for you, it should matter where you’re working from and where you work the most. You shouldn’t have to leave the places where you are interacting with customers and later prepare for meetings follow up.   

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To solve this problem, Nimble works with your Microsoft 365 inbox. You can work on it from anywhere on the web via the Nimble Prospector browser extension. Nimble has integrated with Microsoft Teams as part of their continuous effort to streamline collaboration and allow their users to focus on what matters.  

Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble, says “Our customers rely on Microsoft Teams to work effectively across their organizations and to build and nurture relationships with customers. It’s necessary that we enable them to easily access existing Nimble contact records and create new ones directly from the MS Teams interface.”  

He adds “It’s the basics that win big deals and we are excited to make it easy for our customers to add notes and send timely and trackable follow-ups.”  

The platforms enable their users to be productive by utilizing the Nimble add-in for Microsoft Teams when preparing for events. Nimble and Microsoft Teams can help you streamline workflow and close more deals by preparing meetings, taking and syncing notes, and taking follow-ups and follow-throughs. 

Sergey Shvets, Head of Product at Nimble, said “It’s your job as a business professional to find out everything you can about the people you are meeting with. Coming into the meeting prepared shows your prospects and customers that you value them and their time. This part is crucial, but what’s even more important is a timely and proper follow-up. Our Microsoft Teams add-in allows you to achieve all that before, during, and after your meetings directly from Teams.”   

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