Google is Testing Nest Hub Max Smart Displays

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The ongoing pandemic has made more and more people to stay at home.  The smart display of these devices isn’t just glorified photo frames but they provide a window to homes of loved ones via video cameras. However, for the older or less tech-savvy user using such devices without in-person might be challenging. Google’s Assistant can perform a lot of stuff, but there is no guide or list of features to encompass all of them.

For communities facing such issues, Google wants to find a way to make that process easier. Google’s recent blog post details that they are currently testing a new experience at seven Merrill Garden retirement communities in Washington State. The company, as a part of its new experience, is sending 1,000 Nest Hub Max smart displays to senior citizens. It has a very simple and easy interface focusing on video calling features for them to connect with loved ones.

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The smart display in them allows users to launch video chats over Duo calls. It also shortlists contacts to offer video calls with just a single tap. The interface under-tested shows an option of “What can you do?” along with options to weather reports, playing “relaxing sounds, and setting alarms.

Currently, this interface is being tested among a limited group of participants for the time being. However, some versions will eventually be available to more users. Google has further explained that this experience will be preserving privacy for residents. These devices are managed on Nest’s fleet management system. They run in a signed-out mode which means that no audio is stored and all activity is anonymous.

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The main motive of the company is to explore different ways to engage more people in using Assistant. Through this survey, they are looking for reasons the users might not want to don’t use the service. In this interference, the use of cards is a way to encourage adoption.

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