Twitter and Google Cloud are Expanding their Strategic Partnership to Improve Data Insights  

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Google Cloud has officially announced that they are expanding a new, multi-year, strategic partnership with Twitter. Under this partnership, both the company will deepen their initial work and move their offline analytics, machine learning, and data processing.   

Besides, Twitter will be shifting their workloads to Google’s Data Cloud which will allow a faster analysis of data and improve the experience for everyday users of their service.  

Behind every Tweet, there are a series of data points that helps the team understand how people are using the service, and what types of content they might want to see.  

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Their database is huge as the platform ingests trillions of events, runs tens of thousands of jobs and processes hundreds of petabytes of data every day. All this data is then processed.   

With companies expanded partnership, Twitter is adopting Google’s Data Cloud and along with that, they will include Dataflow, BigQuery, Cloud Bigtable, and machine learning (ML) tools.   

These tools will power the rapid growth of the data ecosystem and enable faster data-informed decisions. Along with this, it will also deeper ML-driven product innovation.  

Hence, the company will have the ability to democratize data access by offering a range of data processing and ML tools. With the help of Google’s Data Cloud, they will be able to better understand and improve how Twitter features are used.    

Parag Agrawal, CTO of Twitter, said “Our initial partnership with Google Cloud has been successful and enabled us to enhance the productivity of our engineering teams. Building on this relationship and Google’s technologies will allow us to learn more from our data, move faster, and serve more relevant content to the people who use our service every day. As Twitter continues to scale, we’re excited to partner with Google on more industry-leading technology innovation in the data and machine learning space.”   

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, “Helping customers manage the entire continuum of data – from storage to analytics to AI – is one of our key differentiators at Google Cloud.”   

“It’s been phenomenal to watch this company grow over the years, and we’re excited to partner with Twitter to innovate for the future and deliver the best experience possible for the people that use Twitter every day.” 


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