ZTE Launches New Smartwatch with Heart Rate and Blood-oxygen Sensors

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In native China, ZTE, Chinese telecommunication and technology company, has launched the Watch Live. The new watch by ZTE is off the Apple Watch-clone variety. However, the watch comes at a much lesser price than its inspiration.   

The company and its maker claims that the watch packs 24-hour heart-rate tracking, sleep-tracking, blood-oxygen sensing, and also have a battery life of up to 21 hours in its square casing.  

This brand-new Watch offers 12 different sports modes, besides, it also offers sleep and stress-tracking features. The watch also has a very good rating for continuous SpO2 measurements and heart-rate tracking.   

Though ZTE does not divulge its battery capacity, according to their claims, on a single charge, it can last from between 14 to 21 days.  

Despite its budget price, the watch also has IP68 certification and is now listed on this OEM’s Chinese-market web-store at 249 yuan (~US$38).  

Earlier this year, the Shenzhen based company launched the Axon 20 5G, the ground-breaking under-display camera phone.   

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Previously, the OEM has also debuted a square-faced smartwatch with advanced fitness-tracking features on the slightly more expected end of the scale. It had a 1.3-inch display with 240×240 TFT and though a lot seems to go on behind this relatively restrained screen.   

For this new watch, the buyer gets the device in black finishing with a black silicone band. Also, according to its marketing material the strap comes in orange, blue, or gray. However, these options are not available to order in the website.

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