Tech Trends for Organizing Live Business Events
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Top 5 Tech Trends for Organizing Live Business Events


While we’re still doing our best to salvage 2020 in terms of business events and making connections via various online events and platforms, we are still hoping that 2021 will be a pandemic-free year for us to return to live events.

In the past few months, in particular, technology and digitalization have both been pivotal in digital networking and enabling companies to stay connected with other industry experts, customers, and their audience.

In the same spirit of innovation and growth, we can see 2021 as the year when even more advanced tech solutions will rise to the surface.

As we look forward to months of live events and restoring some semblance of normal, let’s see what tech novelties and trends will help shape live events of 2021 for your business and your network community.

1. Analytics and Risk Assessment

Data will redefine how companies deal with events, and brands will more than ever rely on business intelligence to create live events that will resonate with their target demographic.

Analytics of risk and trends

From the marketing campaigns to the registration process, all the way to post-event surveys and traffic, your data will define future events and help adapt the current live event based on the information you can collect.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will also be of great help to recognize and reduce the risk for every live event that you organize.

2. Elevated Customization

Trends are here to help companies exceed, not just meet standards and expectations. Technology in particular will enable businesses to create authentic experiences during live events to build visitor engagement and later on traction in their community.

To achieve better customization, businesses will typically collaborate with professionals in order to tailor-make the right tech-based experience.

To create tech-supported, authentic events, brands will rely on technical rental solutions for live occasions that include audio and video equipment, advanced lighting, and staging.

This will allow companies to focus on the content of their events and build their marketing around the event, while the tech and the experience will be tailored by experts.

3. Utilizing VR and AR

In addition to making your events customized to your needs and tailored to audience expectations, businesses will utilize more VR and AR solutions in 2021 and beyond, as well.

This means that an entirely new level of interaction can be achieved for brands and their customers, as they’ll be able to get a more in-depth glimpse into your product or service.

VR and AR Technology

Both augmented reality and virtual reality will find various purposes in live events, especially because companies will use their own mobile apps, and they’ll send out personalized content to each attendee.

4. Sustainable Practices

Every business can go that extra mile in promoting greener efforts and choosing to take steps to preserve the environment. Many have yet to master this art when organizing their next event, which is precisely what will steal the spotlight in 2021.

As more people become aware of the peril of our planet, companies are looking for creative ways to transform their events. In fact, for many companies considering their first trade show, they’ll factor in the idea of sustainability as one of the most vital concepts.

  • Facial recognition technology will make sign-ins redundant in that traditional, print-out format.
  • Instead of paper flyers, businesses can send out digital newsletters and personalized offers based on each attendees’ preferences.
  • Instead of all things plastic, brands can collaborate with eco-friendly catering companies.
  • Resource management will be smarter and tech-supported to reduce waste.

5. Live Streaming for More Engagement

We can expect that recovering from the pandemic will last well into 2021, and we can expect companies as well as individuals to be reluctant, reasonably so, when attending events.

You’ll find many still interested in online versions of events, which is precisely why live streaming events will help companies stay relevant to all of their audience members.

Live Business Events

Abiding by the recommended guidelines will most likely spill over into the upcoming year, so ensuring that the right measures are followed by enabling digital event visits can be extremely helpful to preserve your reputation.

Plus, live streaming is becoming all the more popular for international events with a diverse audience.


We may need to adapt to the new idea of normalcy, but we certainly have the means to do so, even in the world of live business events. With the right tech at our disposal, we can look forward to successful, sustainable, and highly personalized event experiences across various industries.

Learning from these arising tech trends will help your business stay at the forefront of your niche and allow you to create engaging, inspiring events that you will be able to use to grow your presence and your reputation over time.

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