Aurora Mobile Making Breakthrough with its Push Notification Services in Metaverse Virtual Technology

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Aurora Mobile, a mobile development service provider, has recently announced that they have applied JPush, their push notification service, into a self-developed demo game on the Roblox video game platform.   

Company’s this move will mark a significant mile on innovative virtual technology which will shape the expansion for JPush Services into the virtual realm.   

Players will be able to send virtual messages to another player’s mobile phones with this new development for the “metaverse concept” in the real world. This will enable real-time conversations and break the dimensional barrier.  

As the Tech-industry Battle for the Metaverse, the concept of the “metaverse universe” has become the new battleground. The concept of the metaverse is rooted in virtual gaming and science fiction as it encompasses an extensive universe of shared, immersive virtual spaces.  

The OASIS, a multiplayer online simulation game, was inspired by Ready Player One. If we consider the OASIS to be the ultimate form of the metaverse, then the virtual worlds built by the Internet, advanced technology, blockchain, and exploration of the prototypes as the most basic function of the metaverse network.  

In Metaverse, information transmission will become important as a way to interact with inhabitants. To get a little idea, this is how real-time communication can function in the metaverse:  

  • Metaverse system will push notifications in real-time to send reminders before the car race.  
  • Players will be able to puts on virtual reality equipment and send invites to fellow players.  
  • If a player is not able to participate due to obstacles, they can send a message asking for assistance from the virtual world to the real world.  

The China-based company has already demonstrated some of this transmission for real-time gaming. With the virtual push technology, game developers can utilize JPush services to leverage linkage between VR gaming systems and real mobility devices.  

Mr. Jishi Liu, Head of the JPush division, said “In the real world, Aurora Mobile is committed to becoming China’s leading mobile development service provider. While in the virtual metaverse, we are working hard to provide communication infrastructures like a telecommunications service provider such as China Telecom or China Mobile.”   

“Over the years, we have served tens of thousands of customers from different industries and verticals. This is a fundamental strength for Aurora Mobile as we continue to deepen our relationships with our partners and explore all the possibilities of the metaverse universe. We look forward to the full development of more metaverse scenarios!”  

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